Warranty Policy

At COOL BEAN BAGS®  we believe in making quality products keeping customer comfort in mind. Our products are made with highest quality fabrics, threads, zippers and other raw materials. We have a highly experienced work force that makes every bag with utmost quality and workmanship. Every product goes through stringent quality check before leaving our warehouse.

However Bean Bags are prone to damages based on usage. To safeguard our Customer’s interests, we have a very transparent Warranty policy in place. COOL BEAN BAGS® warrants All products to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of one to five years depending on the Fabric & Model you choose. To keep your bean bag in a proper shape you need to keep adding beans in your bean bag on regular basis depending upon usage approximate period 2-3 months, keep it away from fire direct sunlight and wet areas in your house and to clean simply wipe the bean bag with wet cloth without using any soap or detergent. If there are any loose beans coming out of the bean bag, should be kept away from the reach of children.

Warranty is applicable on following:
1.    Stitches coming out at seams or joints.
2.    Zipper getting locked or damaged
3.    Velcro lock loosing stitches
4.    Fabric fraying due to poor quality

Warranty does not covers:
1.    Beans loosing shape
2.    Bags getting damaged on panels due to sharp objects
3.    Bags getting stains or color due to usage

How does Warranty work?
1.    In case of any damages during warranty period, you need to contact our Customer Service Number at 020-30547374. Alternatively you can email us at support@coolbeanbags.in
2.    Our Customer Care executive will instruct you how to get the bag back to our Service Centre.
3.    Once we receive damaged bags, Service Manager will decide if the bag comes under Warranty or not.
4.    In case of bag being under the warranty period, we will fix the bag Free of Cost for you.
5.    If your bag is not under warranty period or damage caused does not falls under Warranty norms, we will charge you very nominal amounts to fix the bag. Charges have to be discussed with Service Manager on sight or through email.
6.    Our Service Manager will call you, once the bags are ready.

Warranty Terms & Conditions
·    Damaged bags have to be brought or shipped to our Service Centre at Customers Cost. We will not bear shipping charges to bring damaged bags to our Service Centre.
·    Once the bag is ready, Customer needs to collect the bag from our Service Centre. If bags have to be shipped outstation, customer will cover the shipping costs.
·    If damaged bags are outside our Service Centre cities, customers need to empty the beans and send just the outer covers.
·    If customer is bringing a damaged bag to our Service centre filled with beans, same amount of bean will be returned back to him. No additional bean filling will be given. Customers can buy additional beans if required.
·    Damaged bags will be fixed within 4 to 7 working days. Instant damage replacement will not be given.
·    In case of bags getting damaged due to sharp objects, panels need to be changed. There are chances of same grain or texture panel not being available.
·    Bags once fixed will not be shipped to customer’s doorstep.
·    For bags purchased from any of our Retail partners, we will not accept bags on Shop Floor. Customers need to get the bags to Service centre to get them fixed.