Usage & Safety Instructions

Usage & Safety Instructions
·    Please do not jump on Bean Bags. Bean Bags are designed to handle certain amount of weight. If abused beyond their limits, can burst or get damaged easily.
·    Bean Bags can be used for low height, high height and reclining position seating.
·    Do not pour liquid or eatables on your Bean Bags.
·    Keep Cigarettes away from Bean Bags. Leatherette used in Bean Bags are made from Petroleum products and hence it’s advisable to keep them at distance from cigarettes.
·    Do not expose Bean Bags to strong sunlight. Leatherette fabric gets soft and stretches when bean bags are exposed to sunlight for a long time.
·    Keep zipper and Velcro in locked position all the time to prevent leakage of beans from Bean Bags.
·    Beans when swallowed by kids can cause choking hazards hence its strongly recommended not to allow kids to eat, swallow or smell beans.
·    While refilling beans inside bean bags, keep your children away as they might inhale or eat Beans.
·    Beans used in Bean Bags are flammable and hence its advised not to keep them close to fire, candle or cigarettes.
·    Keep your bean bag away from point objects like Scissors, knife, pens etc.
·    If bag gets damaged due to any sharp object, immediately apply tape at the damaged area to prevent leakage of beans from bean bags.
·    If your bean bag gets dirty, wipe it with a moist cloth.
·    In case of strong stain, use little bit of petrol to wipe the stains.
·    Do not jump on flat bean bags, may cause severe injuries.
In case of bean bag getting loose, immediately add more beans into it.